Hotel Gardens

Wedding Pictures or other occasions

Possibility for wedding pictures or for other occasions in our gardens, price of 80€. Please contact us in order the check the planning per email

Hotel Garden

Come and discover our garden arranged with the same theme of the hotel. A part of the garden existed already. It used to be a plant farm.

Together with the garden architect Serge Scheers des Jardins Idée-O à Ittre,  we tried to keep most of the existing plants and the soul of the garden. We tried to integrete the theme of the travel into the garden. For exemple, the rose garden is a remembrance of Wellington in New Zealand, the 2 stone columns is a reminder of the Devils Marbles in the Australian Desert.

The garden is the main piece of the hotel.

The discovery is very well apprecitated by day light, but also by night time with all the lights.

The most appreciated part of the garden is the Asian Garden with the waterfalls and rare plants.

Benches and long chairs are available in the garden.

Possibility by nice weather to have dinner in the garden.

The Ravel

The Ravel 142 (old railway track) ideal for walking and biking is coming along the hotel property. On the Ravel, we are close by km stop 18,5.

It is possible upon request to rent bicyles simple. the cost is 15€ per bike.
If you come with your own bikes, we have a safe garage at your disposal.

Tourism office of Brabant Wallon

On the website of tourism office, you can find many possibilities for visits.

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