Koru Hotel

— The project —

Travels as main thread

The project took 5 years between the first drawings of the architect, looking for the perfect location, the construction, choosing the materials and decorations.
Bernadette van Empel, owner of the hotel, restaurant and spa was quickly under the charm of this old plant nursery.

The concept of the hotel is based on her one year travel trough Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The theme can be found in the rooms as in the garden.

Stephane et Bernadette sont les 2 heureux propriétaires de l'hôtel Koru à Autre Eglise en Brabant Wallon

Our Story

Bernadette, Dutch from origin, born in the South of France, region of the Cévennes moved to Belgium for her studies in events and tourism.
She quickly fell under the charm of the region of Haspengouw to create her project.

Stephane grew up a big part of his life in Tienen and worked from his teenage age in the local bar on the corner of his street, combined with his passions for motorcross, football and billiards.

He was always in the area of Autre Eglise, he worked as an accountant in Orp-le-Grand and later on in Poucet, where we met.

In 2016, he joined the project of the hotel. From a wonderful friendship , grew a wonderful relationship and life partner.

We are pleased to welcome you in French, Dutch, English and German.

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Meaning of the word Koru

(Maori symbol from New Zealand)

« The Koru, unfolding fern leaf, represents a new beginning, new life and growth. The shape is derived from the young frond that develops and eventually unfolding from the protection of a parent frond. This process refers to the life cycle of the human being. The Koru represents the eternal peace and quiet of the forest and is an expression of the desire of man to be surrounded by these elements. »