Spa Milford Sound


Spa Milford Sound

Our Wellness is open from Tuesday until Saturday upon reservation from 8.30AM until 10PM. On Sunday from 8.30AM until 2PM. You will find by scrolling down on the page all the infrastructure that we offer in our wellness. We do not have a swimming pool.

Bathrobes, towels, slippers are foreseen. Swimsuit mandatory

The Wellness is also open to the outside guests (without staying in the hotel).The price is 45€ per person for 1h30 private upon reservation, depending on the planning and operating hours

To check the availablity, please contact us per email

Operating Hours

8h30-> 10h00 / 10h30-> 12h00 / 12h30-> 14h00 / 14h30->16h00 / 16h30->18h00 / 18h30->20h00 / 20h30-> 22h00


You wish to offer a giftcard, a unique experience focused on relaxation and letting go…
We offer gift cards, they are effective for a year from the buying date.  ( for a certain amount…, one of our packages, a perzonalized gift card)
1 – You can come on site and buy the gift card directly
2 – You can order your gift card on our gift cards web page

Spa Milford Sound


The sauna is a closed wooden area where you can take a bath of dry heat. The temperature can vary between 70 and 100 degrees. You can sit or lay down for a few minutes and sit down again towards the end of the session. If you wish to take a shower after your session, start with your feet, legs and arms and finish with the rest of your body.


The Hammam is a bath of hot vapor with a temperature of 40-45 degrees. There is also a high humidity of 70-75%.
The hammam helps you to relax and works on the muscle tension and nervousness.
Two sessions of 5 to 15 minutes are advised, followed by a refreshing hydration and a session of rest.

Ice Fall

The ice fall, a basin containing crushed ice, produces an invigorating effect. The cold reaction is the best fit after a sauna of hammam session.

Aroma Shower

After a session in the sauna or the hammam, enjoy a cold breeze shower with mint of lemon aromas.

Relaxation Area

Between a session in the sauna or the hammam, please enjoy the relaxation area, arranged in a peaceful and cosy style. Enjoy fresh water and a cup of tea.

A private zen garden will be accessible from this area.

Infra Red Seats

Test one of our three infra red seats for 10 to 15 minutes, ideal for the well being of the body.

Outside Jacuzzi

Our 5 seat jacuzzi is located on the terrace of the relaxation area. Heated at 35°, sessions of 20min.

There are also 2 long chairs foreseen.

Paying access

Twin bath

The twin bath gives you for various well being at the same time: chromoterapy, water and air massage, sound wave massage and aromatherapy.

The use of the bath is upon request only. Please contact your hosts to know the availabilities.

Operating Hours

8h45->9h30 / 10h-> 10h45 / 11h15-> 12h00 / 12h30-> 13h15 / 13h45-> 14h30 / 15h00->15h45 / 16h15->17h00 / 17h30-> 18h15 / 18h45-> 19h30

The price is 44€ for 2 persons for 45 minutes – private use.

Massages & Face/Body Care

Take time for yourself during a massage or a body of face care.

Only upon booking.If you book a massage, please note to be 10min in advance in the welcome area in order to respect the planning of the masseuses. If you are late the massage will be shorten in time. Thank you for your understanding.

Please inform us, prior to a massage booking if you are pregnant or if you have health issues; Thank you for your understanding
For the massages, the ladies can wear a two piece bathing suit and for the men a tight bathing suit

Operating Hours

9h00->10h00/ 10h30->11h30 / 12h00->13h00 /13h30->14h30 / 15h00->16h00/ 16h30->17h30 / 18h00->19h00

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